Jericho Skincare Premium Range from the Dead Sea

One of our most popular Jericho Skincare Ranges is the JP or Jericho Premium range.


Jericho Skincare Premium

The Jericho premium range consists of upgraded products that combine Dead Sea minerals and age-defying ingredients.

This combination has been proven as one of the most effective treatments that slow down the skin aging process.

The premium range is a little more expensive and may require you to save a little longer however we believe you will see and feel the benefits in a very short period of time.



jerichopremiumtoner - Jericho Skincare Premium







De-mineralized Skin Toner

Jericho Premium skin toner removes excess facial oil, dirt and impurities from the skin and clears clogged skin pores. Specially formulated with Dead Sea minerals, plant extracts and age-defying ingredients, this toner reduces fine wrinkles and protects your skin from premature ageing by stimulating cell metabolism. Use daily for a youthful and radiant complexion.


jerichoactiveserum - Jericho Skincare Premium







JP Active Serum

This velvety serum is based on a unique formula that includes active Dead Sea minerals, pure honey, plant extracts, vitamins and powerful antioxidants.

Fast absorbing to the deep layers of your skin, this serum rejuvenates and uplifts your skin cells, giving it an energetic glowing look.

jerichorestoringdaycream - Jericho Skincare Premium







JP Restoring Day Cream with Collagen

Based on Collagen and Dead Sea minerals, Jericho Premium Nourishing Cream slows down the process of skin aging, firms and tightens the skin and helps maintain its elasticity.

The cream penetrates deep into the dermis and supplies new collagen to reduce wrinkles and discolorations. A mixture of vitamin E and C protects the skin from harmful free radicals (toxins).



jerichointensivenightcream - Jericho Skincare Premium






JP Intensive Night Cream with Retinol

Consisting of Dead Sea minerals and Retinol (Vitamin A), this cream does not only improve the appearance of existing wrinkles, but also helps prevent new ones from developing.

The nourishing benefits of Vitamin A along with the natural minerals help keep your skin soft, smooth and young looking. Natural oils and plant extracts penetrate dry skin almost instantly to restore its balance of moisture.


jerichoupliftingserum - Jericho Skincare Premium






JP Lifting Serum 25g

Rich in minerals straight out of the Dead Sea, the Jericho Lifting Serum does just as it says.

This Serum’s specialty is to increase the elasticity of your skin, while smoothing wrinkles and fine lines around the mouth, eyes,forehead, and nose.

It also aids in the anti-aging process.

Use this Lifting Serum to appear years younger. Lifting Serum leaves you with the silky, young skin that you deserve.

Enjoy the Dead Sea minerals, and take advantage of the vitamins and skin nutrients. Experience the rejuvenation process of Jericho’s Lifting Serum.


jerichopremiumeyeandneckgel - Jericho Skincare Premium





Jericho Premium Neck and Eye Gel

Jericho Premium Eye & Neck Gel minimizes appearance of wrinkles by renewing skin cells.

Enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamins, Age Defying ingredients and plant extracts this gel is able to penetrate into the dermis and revive it.

Keep your eye & Neck skin look young & Healthy.

Use daily at night.


Jericho Premium Collagen Mask


Jericho Premium Paraben Free Collagen mask is rich with Dead Sea minerals and marine collagen providing tight skin and offers intensive moisturizing & anti oxidizing treatment. This brilliant mask fights against premature aging, wrinkles and loose skin, giving your skin glowing, healthy, younger looking skin. Combined with Avocado oil, Shea butter, Collagen, Omega 3 Ω 6 to help maintain skin’s moisture & increase firmness, thickness and elasticity. Apply a thick layer once a week, leave for 4 minutes and rinse with warm water. Complete with JP day/night cream

jerichooilfreecream - Jericho Skincare Premium







Jericho Premium Oil Free Facial Cream

This mineral-based, oil-free moisturizer absorbs quickly and features UVA/UVB sun filters that help prevent the development of premature signs of skin aging caused by daily exposure to the sun.Contains natural plant extracts that nourish and rejuvenate the skin, keeping it hydrated, soft, and healthy. Alcohol free.

Mineral based Absorbes quickly Features UVA/UVB sun filters Contains natural plant extracts


Jericho Skincare Premium Range from the Dead Sea

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